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What started out as a few simple acts of compassion has turned into a personally fulfilling ministry to patients, the elderly and, most recently, to mothers of newborn babies. More than stuffed animals, they are often viewed as true companions. I was concerned at first about offending people. I soon realized, however, that almost everyone – men, women, and children – like receiving our lambs. This medication for the soul is dispensed freely by our volunteers, and by the facility staff who request lambs to distribute. Recipients and their families appreciate the heartfelt manner in which the lambs are given.

"Stuffed animal therapy" is effective. Much more important is that God is glorified! And these brief examples cannot express the joy, and sense of personal fulfillment and satisfaction our volunteers experience as they carry out their ministry!

Some of the testimonials we have received by e-mail are shown below. We would love to hear from YOU and post your testimonial on our web site!

Your ministry of Heart of the Shepherd is very precious to Jesus! I will be distributing lambs during the Christmas holidays to those who are suffering. I currently care for my elderly father due to the recent homegoing of my mother. This ministry gives me much purpose and joy in my life. I know our loving God is so happy to comfort others through Lamp Chop... a lamb symbolzing the Lamb... for such was His Son... the Lamb of God! Thank you. Brooks R.


I just want you to know all the comfort & peace you and that precious little lamb brougt me during my recent ER stay in the hospital. After my tests, staff told me someone was waiting for me. I was so happy when I saw you because i was not alone anymore. I thought to myself this is real love & caring. Thank you so much for being there. I feel so blessed for having the privilege to meet you. It did not just happen: God planned it all. With all my love, Dorothy S.


I picked this note especially for you who follows the Good Shepherd faithfully in all your service for Him. The day you stopped in my Assisted Living room was my first venture out of Assisted Living. I felt I might be able to go to the Thrift Shop even though I was nervous about being in a crowd with my walker. I saw the pretty woven comforter with my favorite colors so I wondered how it would look as a bedspread. You showed me how nice it would look on my chair. When I went back to buy the comforter, it was gone. The clerk told me someone just bought it. How surporsed I was to learn that you bought it for me - a perfect stranger - knowing that I liked it. I now know you did it becasue of your love for the Lord. I think of you each time I look at it, which is often. Love, Alice.


These lovable lambs have become a Godsend in my practice. As a breast cancer surgeon, I often have patients that need a perpetual hug and unconditional love. The lambs provide the love and warmth that hits the spot. Gloriajean is an angel on the earth and spreads love and light everywhere she travels.

Beth B. DuPree, M.D., FACS

Medical Director, Breast Health Program, Holy Redeemer Hospital

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Surgery, University of Pennsylvania


I want to thank you so much for the Lamb of God you gave my husband at the hospital. He is in a coma and he just holds onto that little lamb. No matter which way he turns or moves that little lamb is with him. Thank you so much for coming in and praying for him and giving him that little lamb. I only wish I was that lucky to get one of those little lambs. Bless you so much, so much because that little lamb seems to means the world to him. And God bless you for the prayers you are providing and the wonderful things you are doing for these people. Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. God bless you!  Anonymous


Thank you again for Lamb Chop. I feel as though the Lord directed your steps in my direction last week. I'm taking him to the hospital with me tomorrow. Thank you for your prayers. God bless you! June N.


Thank your for your ministry! I was on my church's missions trip to Guatemala and experienced the joy on the childrens' faces (in the mission house) when they received the lambs. The lambs were also used to comfort children in the medical clinic. Your are using your gifts and abilities for the Lord. Thank you. May you be blessed!  Laura.


Thank you for your kind remembrance in prayer, and for the lambs that you sent. May God continue to bless your ministry which so vividly brings hope to our needy world. United in prayer,

Socorro Truchan, Coordinator, Marriage, Family and Pro-Life

Archdiocese of Detroit, Department of Evangelism, Catechesis and Schools, Detroit, MI


My mother went into the hospital on Wednesday, March 31, 2010. She died the following Wednesday, April 7, 2010. Sometime during those days as I sat griefstricken by her bedside, you stopped by. You comforted me and before you left you gave us one of your beautiful lambs. It stayed with my mother until she died. I have the lamb now and it brings me much comfort. I'll never part with it. Thank you for kindly and softly going around doing God's work. The Lord WAS my mother's Shepherd. I'm enclosing an insert that was in my mother's memorial booklet. Again, thank you for the gift of your loving presence when my mother was dying, and thank you for the little lamb - it is indeed a reminder of God's love. With deepest gratitude, Jane L.


Thank you so much for beign mhy friend and my "personal Chaplain". You are a blessing in my life. Your mimistry has really spopken to me. Thank you for your clarity in knowing exactly what I needed when I needed it. Love, Pam


You probably won't remember me but we met several years ago as my niece, Jenn, was your nail tech at the salon. Here is my story. On one of your visits to to the health care facility you gave my very sick friend, Betty, one of your large lambs. She loved her lamb so much! She was grateful that you had given it to her. Betty died on July 14th.  I placed it in her coffin on the evening of her funeral. I know you hear all kinds of stories about your lambs but I wanted you to hear mine for Betty.


I have given one lamb to a dear family friend who has just had a stem-cell transplant after her third bout of cancer since age 15 or so. I love the message on the lamb's tag, and I love that you give a lamb to someone in need every time a lamb is purchased. What a great idea to give them to someone in a nursing home or in the hospital. May God bless you for the work you are doing!


I just wanted to THANK YOU for the 3 lambs for my children. I wish you could have seen their faces!! You are truly a BEAUTIFUL PERSON and THANK YOU for what you are doing as your calling!! Each time I tell someone about you and what you do, I get goosebumps.


A VERY SINCERE "Thank You" for bringing Lamb Chop into my life. My Dad was in the ICU for 10 days. We had no idea he was so sick. Every day we sat in the room with him. One morning there was a Lamb Chop on his bed next to him. Although Dad was not aware of anything at that point, I put my his hands on top of Lamb Chop where they rested until he passed. I cherish that Lamb Chop with all my heart. It goes to family outings, trips and I sleep with it near me. It has been very comforting to me since November 7. Since then, I promised myself that on Father's Day, my Dad's birthday, and my Dad's passing day that I will purchase a Lamp Chop and donate them to the ICU. I hope that everybody who receives one is as comforted as I am by this soft, cuddly Lamb Chop.


Today I was given a little lamb on my way to surgery. The lamb showing up at this time reinforced the fact that Jesus is with us and is holding me in His right hand. Please pray for me. God bless you for what you do.


We enjoyed talking with you both and learning about the ministry which God has laid upon your hearts. After going to your web site and reading the testimonials, we marveled once again at how the Lord continues to use the simple things in life accompanied by an obedient servant's heart to reach others with the Gospel. In a world that continues to grow more indifferent to the things of God and His power to change lives through faith in Jesus Christ, it's a blessing to see a ministry that reaches out to share His love with those in need. May God continue to use your ministry and bless your lives.


I just wanted to thank you so much for the lamb that you presented to me to give to my sister. She has been diagnosed with inoperable cancer of the lung. I told her I would thank you for her. She loves it and so do I. Thans again for your thoughtfulness. I gave it to her as you suggested. It brought tears to her eyes and mine. God bless!                                                    

I recently had to take my 1-1/2 yr. old son to the doctor's because he was having difficulty breathing.  It really was a scary time for both him and myself as this was the first time that he's been seriously ill.  I've never seen him so lethargic and clingy!  He was also terrified of the doctor.  But when the doctor brought in the lamb, he was instantly comforted by it and wouldn't let it go.  He has never had a comfort item and has never shown interest in stuffed animals except to throw them around but this little lamb is now his friend.  Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity.  I am very thankful for the work that you do.  I just wanted to let you know that your kindness doesn't go unnoticed.                                                       
I wanted to thank you for giving me the lamb. It was the most sweet, loving, and cherished gift I have ever received! You are a very beautiful child of God., and you'e given me new hope to have a better relationship with the Lord. Our meeting each other was meant to be... NOT by chance. God works in mysterious ways. Thank you again.                      
My friend just sent me a Lamb Chop for Christmas.  It arrived on a very bad day and when I opened the box, it was just the perfect blessing.  Thank you. As a child, I was fascinated with Shari Lewis and Lamb Chop.  Not only was I blessed with a charming gift from my friend, I was reminded of a time with my Mother watching her with Lamb Chop. Again, thank you for the blessing and the memory. As you can see, I am a church secretary.  Please let me know how our church can help with this ministry.  Take care.  God bless and Merry Christmas.  I look forward to hearing from you soon. 
The Lamb Chops are adorable!  I need to tell you what happened.  My friend's 77 year old mother with brain cancer was given a lamb during her final days on earth.  After her death, my friend gave it to one of her two granddaughters who had lost her older sister and her paternal greatgrandmother.  She was struggling why God would take them away from her and now it was her other great grandmother who died.  When my friend told me about the Lamb, I said, "If you need another one for your other grand daughter, I know where you can find one," and told her about Heart of Lancaster Regional Medical Center [whose Gift Shop sells the lambs in support of the ministry].  She was headed to Lititz that day (the viewing was that evening) and so she stopped and got one.  I was so delighted when we walked into the funeral home and there were the two cousins - each one was carrying a Lamb.  My friend was so pleased that I knew where to find it and that each purchase facilitates another gift to a patient.                                                                                       

Dear Gloriajean,

Thank you so much for giving joy and comfort to so many! The Lamb Chops you have given to Neighborhood Services have brightened several of our "fold". 

Stephen had been homeless and estranged from his family when he entered our permanent supportive housing program. He was suffering with mental health issues and ALS or Lou Gehrig's disease as it is known.  Stephen passed away a month ago at a local hospice. Cuddled under his arm was the gift of warmth and love, Lamb Chop! Stephen had great Faith through the progression of the disease and even knowing there was no cure maintained a glow that was evident.  He knew he was going home.

P.S. Stephen has an identical twin brother whom he had not seen for several years and for whom I had been searching and found hours before he died. Brian arrived at the hospice two hours too late to see him.  He too was comforted by the position of Lamb Chop in Stephen's arm. Lamb Chop graced the alter next to Stephen's urn and found a new home with Brian.

This week another Lamb Chop went to reside with a Ward of Neighborhood Services.  We became Guardian to an elderly gentleman who is a stroke victim. He is currently on dialysis and has had his left leg amputated. He struggles with so many issues but brightened when he was presented with Lamb Chop. Lamb Chop, I am told, has not left his side since she arrived.

I, too, have a Lamb Chop, given to me by a very loving and special person. That person was you. I was going through many medical issues and she arrived to give me hope and comfort. My medical issues have  long been addressed but my "Chopper" has been a daily part of my life. She has traveled to Mexico, Florida, Indiana, and other places too numerous to mention. She is not packed away but visible in her splendor. She is an ice breaker when conversing with strangers and facilitates witnessing to God's Grace, Glory and Commitment to those who believe.

Your Ministry is so special.  Thank you for sharing!                 


I just wanted to say "thank you" for the little Lamp Chop! Max (my baby) absolutely loves it. He holds it by the ears. It goes everywhere he goes now, and even sleeps in bed with him. Thank you again! Love,                                                                                                                                      

It was so nice to receive Lamp Chop from you. It was a reminder to my visitors of the television show "Lamb Chop", but to me it was a very thoughtful gift to remind me of Christ, the Lamb of God. I know whose hands I have been in. Thank you for the gift and thank you for praying. I am much stronger now.                                                                                                                              *************************************************************************************************************************

My 4 year old daughter has been undergoing some difficult treatments and therapies for her condition. The IV Nurses at York Hospital put together Care Bags so she could open one every morning after her treatment. When she opened the first Care Bag she had the best smile on her face. It was one of your large Lamp Chop stuffed animals. She loves him. This morning she received 2 more small Lamp Chops. I have fallen in love with them and I am so thankful that you are out there helping to bring a smile to my daughter's face. She has been faced with numerous illnesses since she was 2 months of age and this cuddly little stuffed animal has really made her smile. Thank you also to the IV Team Nurses at York Hospital for caring so much about helping my daughter get through this not so fun routine. Thank you for understanding what is important!                                                                                                                                    **************************************************************************************************************************

Thank you so much for visiting with my mother at Heart of Lancaster yesterday.  I know the lamb was a great comfort to her in the midst of her illness. May the Lord continue to bless your unique ministry of comfort. Blessings!          


Milton S. Hershey Medical Center Penn State College of Medicine
Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center
Department of Pastoral Services, H118
P.O. Box 850

, PA 17033-0850

October 28, 2006

Heart of the Shepherd
, PA 17601

Dear Gloriajean:

I apologize for the time that has past since you made your trip to the Hershey Medical Center the week on October 3, 2006. It was a day that your wonderful little lambs (and ministry) came into my life, and into the lives of the Amish children [who were the survivors of the tragic shootings in Nickel Mines, PA on October 2, 2006].

The Amish families received the lambs with great joy. They asked that I extend to the giver their thanks and gratitude. Thank You! Since then, I have given out the lambs you left in my care. They have all been received with open arms and hearts, giving thanks to the giver.

Again, thank you for making the trip to Hershey and seeking me out. Your “Heart of the Shepherd” ministry is such a blessing. Thank you for sharing it with me.


Susan S., Pediatric Chaplian


Thank you so much for visiting with my dad and I in the hospital and giving him a lamb. He was buried with lambchop and so often we think about how God prepared him for his death and how he is with him each day. Our God is an awesome God and has some pretty awesome angels working for him down on earth. Thanks for being one of his angels.                                                                                                                                       


My wife and I want to express our thanks for the cuddly lamb brought to our Skilled Care room at Quarryville Presbyterian Retirement Community. It is so very special and means so much to us to receive this love gift. May God bless you in your ministry of showing kindness to those with special needs.                                           ***********************************************************************************************************************************************************

I just wanted to thank you for the lamb that my 7 yr old son received while in the hospital for an emergency appendectamy. This was really scary and sudden and just as they were rolling him back to surgery, the ER nurse ran out and said "Wait! He needs this!" Dawson clutched that lamb all through his whole stay and even at home recovering. When he was well enough, he read the message on the tag and thought it was the nicest thing anyone had given him. Now that we are home, he wants to be sure that other kids have that opportunity and we are working on collecting orders from people so lots of other kids can have a special friend to hold onto. Thank you so much for doing this for him and all the others who need that reasuring touch from God!                                                                                                                                  ************************************************************************************************************************************************************

I was SOOO excited about the lambs when I saw them in my parents'skilled nursing room at the Presbyterian Home in Quarryville! This little lamb says so much with its precious appearance and tactile ability to help the ill! Our father is suffering and declining quickly in his health! This has truly given him a major boost--he mentioned that "THe Lord is my shepherd" is his favorite verse!!! God Bless your ministry! Lovingly,                                                                      


Thank you so much for visiting Mom at her assisted living unit and bringing her that adorable lamb! I saw Bonnie briefly on Tueday and she was so excited about your visit! She told Mom's social worker, "Oh, Lynda, you should see her. She gets down on their level and prays with them (memory support). She's incredible." And you are. You are an earth angel. I know it. Then, while Mom was getting her fingernails done by Denise, I showed her the lamb and Denise copied down your web address. I never met Denise before, but she loved the lamb idea for lonely people at church that need a visit. Maybe she will contact you to get some lambs. I have sent you a financial donation for your wonderful work.                                                                   


Thank you sincerely for visiting my neighbor. She thoroughly appreciated your visit and repeatedly said the lamb helped comfort her during her recent loss. Thanks, again!                                                                  



The following testimonials (experienced before our web site was established) summarize some of the stories that we were privileged to hear about:


"I was lying in my hospital bed resting and trying to process the Doctor's somber diagnosis: I had cancer. I drifted in and out of a troubled sleep. Once when I awoke I found a precious little lamb on my chest and a woman chaplian standing by my bed. She read from the card on the lamb's collar. It said '... the LORD is my Shepherd, I shall not want..." and that I was loved. I was loved not only by the "angel" that brought me the lamb, but by God who is bigger than all my cares and problems... even cancer! I still hold onto God's promise, and that precious little lamb as a reminder of His promise!"


"My grandson was about to go into surgery. He was very unsettled about what was about to happen and being away from Mommy and MomMom. It was then that a complete stranger asked him if he would like a friend to hold onto. It was one of your cute little lambs. He was thrilled. It helped take his mind off his circumstances. He was so attached to the lamb that the nurses placed an identification bracelet on the lamb too. Not only that, but they let him take it into the surgical suite! He held onto that lamb for the rest of the day. He still has it and cuddles with it. Thank you so much for caring!"


"I am making a slow recovery from severe depression. While recently hospitalized I was visited by one of your volunteers. I could not believe that anyone (let alone a complete stranger) would take time to stop and talk with me. It never happened before. She gave me a lamb and told me she loved me and that God loved me. I never felt loved before this, and I could not remember the last time that anyone said that they loved me. When the words sank in, I cried... all rest of that day. No one has ever extended kindness to me before. I will never forget that feeling. Thank you." 


"My patient was very unsettled in the ER. I could not get her to lie quietly. But I guess I would be unsettled too if I was experiencing pain and blindness from a bad drug reaction. Out of nowhere came a volunteer into the ER with a supply of your lambs for our staff to distribute. She noticed the agitated state of this patient and asked if she could talk to her. I do not know if it was what she said, or the lamb that she placed in the patient's arms (or both), but it definitely had a calming effect on her. Sensing and hoping that all may be well, I tended to another patient. When I returned, she was sleeping peacefully. What a miracle! I, too, will now start handing out lambs to those that I sense may need them. Please continue to keep us supplied with lambs!"   


 "I had the opportunity to attend to a Hispanic teen with a serious blood disorder in the hospital. Her distraught mother could not speak English. But she must have understood me when I said to her daughter, 'I love you and God loves you' and I handed her daughter a lamb. The mother immediately wept and could not stop saying 'thank you!' I experienced first hand that telling someone that you love them, and caring for them, transcends all language barriers."