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What We Provide

We can ship a lamb to someone with a personal message from YOU! 

Our volunteer network provides caring, loving, and therapeutic pastoral care interaction with patients and families in facilities such as:

* emergency rooms/trauma units              * hospice centers                     * day surgery centers

* intensive care units                                * pediatric units                       * Alzheimer's clinics

* psychiatric units                                    * nursing facilities                     * retirement communities

* rehabilitation centers                             * doctor's offices                      * radiology departments

* womens and babies centers                  * dementia units                       * oncology departments

* ministries such as "Widows2Widows"

The benefits of "stuffed [animal] therapy" are well known in the health care profession. Our plush lambs provide tactile feedback to patients and a "friend" they so desperately long for and need to cuddle and talk to in their hours of illness or despair.   

Additionally, the personal interaction with our volunteers provides conversation and a time of personal encouragement and spiritual uplifting to show that they are loved. The Scripture reference on the lamb's collar tag used for hospital ministry provides a constant point of focus on which the patient can meditate. The tags say:

Dear Friend:

You are loved!

We pray that this little lamb will comfort you

during your time of illness or despair. May this

love gift be a constant reminder of God’s love

for you. Call on His Name. He will hear you and

comfort you in your hour of need. Remember,

      The LORD is my shepherd,

    I shall not want (Psalms 23:1)

God bless you!


Thus far, over 23,000 lambs have been distributed to recipients in numerous locations in the United States, including persons in Mississippi displaced by Hurricane Katrina, in the Pacific Northwest, Alaska, Arizona, California, on an Indian reservation in the Dakotas, and Puerto Rico. Our ministry outreach extends overseas to China, The Dominican Republic, Guaemala, India, Mexico, Netherlands (Holland), Poland, and countries that once were a part of the Soviet Union. Our lambs are also in Afghanistan and Iraq. Families have sent them to sons- and daughters-in-arms, and we have been privileged to learn that many lambs have been given to local children by our troops as ambassadors of good will and as a testimony for our Lord! 

Contributions from individuals and other sponsors enable Heart of the Shepherd to sustain its ministry outreach. Retail sales in selected locations also help support Heart of the Shepherd. For every lamb that is purchased, a lamb is donated to a hospital or allied health care facility.

If you would like to make a contribution, please send us an e-mail by using the "Contact Us" page. 

May God bless you!