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Welcome to                          Heart of the Shepherd!

Thank you for your interest in this ministry. I felt led by the LORD to start Heart of the Shepherd some time ago while serving (as I still do) as a hospital chaplain and as a chaplain at my local church. I encountered numerous people who were enduring times of illness or despair. Often they were facing those events alone. I realized that something bigger and better needed to be done during those fleeting moments of pastoral care contact. I wanted to show them that they were loved... by me, and by the LORD who wants to be their Shepherd. This is what spawned the concept for this lamb ministry. The plush lambs provide therapeutic value and they are an added "personal touch" in a world that has become increasingly impersonal. The lambs serve as a constant reminder that God is with them if they only seek Him.

 The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not want (Psalms 23:1)

God bless you as you explore this ministry! If you have been blessed by this ministry, we would love to hear from YOU and post your testimonial on our web site!

Please let us know of your interest in our ministry by sending us an e-mail to HeartOfTheShepherd@comcast.net, or by mailing a letter to Heart of the Shepherd, 1008 Country Place Drive, Lancaster, PA 17601.